This is an introduction to our blog.  Buster, whose imagine will appear in a future blog posting,  is our front man.

As a non-Baby Boomer (i.e., born before 1946) he has agreed to partially dispense with 7 plus decades of experience and observations with an emphasis on health, exercise (mobility), safety, living at home, and life’s footnotes.

1950s Yooper Rascals

Some general ground rules:

–No serious politics

–No specific and overly serious preaching

–No abusive language and/or extreme criticism

Okay and welcomed:

–Health/safety solutions

–Aged and/or handicapped living at home problems and/or solutions

–Great life stories (especially from the let’s say pre-1970)


–Anything related to our emphasis

As a big believer in keeping simple note:  Everyone is someone, regardless of their make-up, condition, status, or what have you.

We will invite others and you to contribute, and certainly to comment.  Great appropriate photos….?

There is no interest in fame here, we have no interest in being a reality phenomenon or any type of so-called star(s).  We are like most people, not obsessed with ourselves.

Next up will be a simple take on politics and religion within the guidelines above, along with one of my daily rituals.

This blog belongs to Yunga Tart so there will often be a plug for them and their products which are primarily Home Medical Equipment related.