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Believe it or not Made in America really helps Social Security (NSSM Symbol above).

Everyone loves when things are made in America because it means jobs for our citizens. A company like

yours, that is identified as made in America, has untapped potential at your fingertips. The potential is

promoting what your company is doing to help preserve Social Security and Medicare for future generations. Every worker and your company are doing this. Rarely, if at all, do companies let their potential customers know how they are accomplishing this. The more Made in America companies promoting their contribution to the Social Security and Medicare Trust funds the better it is. Seeing the numbers may be helpful.

To accomplish it I have a simple example. Let us look at a new employee who makes $1000 per week. We have a combined Social Security and Medicare withholding of 7.65% or $76.50. The employer matches this with another $76.50 for a total of $153.00. Multiply this by 52 weeks and $7,956 goes into the Social Security and Medicare Trust funds each year.  I think the vast majority would be surprised to see these numbers. Just plug in your average weekly wage for your company to make it realistic.

Think of what this could mean for your bottom line. Promoting how your company is contributing to help preserve Social Security and Medicare for future generations is invaluable. It could increase your sales since people would get a better appreciation of the benefits of buying products Made in the USA.

More people could become convinced that buying American Made is good for them and their fellow citizens.

Yooper CPA (Contributor)

Yunga Tart note:  The majority of our products are US made.