Buster here, Yunga Tart’s front man.

Of course, this is about dogs. I was born in Texas, shipped to an Oklahoma pet distributor but then one in my liter began to cough. Off to a kill shelter in Kansas we went.


Fortunately, a policewoman and her husband in Denver retrieved and isolated us for a good period and there was no more coughing. Then I was adopted by some folks from Wyoming. Yes, I am a rescue dog.

Before we go any further, if you do not like dogs stop right there because there “might” be something wrong with you.

An exhaustive Swedish study covering 12 years and over 3.4 million people there strongly indicates that having a dog might help decrease the possibility of death due to cardiovascular issues. The study group
was 40 to 80 years old individuals. In Sweden citizens are tracked from birth to death, and dog ownership is included. Individuals living alone appeared to get the greatest benefit from having a dog, and larger more active dogs seemed to provide better results. Despite what the experts and somewhat positive academics say about the study and needing more study, for most people it is common sense that dogs are generally good for humans including their health.

Dogs provide a host of benefits including, social, protection, health, responsibility, immunity, loyalty, and others to assist, support and improve the human condition. It can even be argued that the added exercise a dog brings to the table can help in delaying the onset of dementia. You may not realize it but “robotic pets” are one of the
current rages in treating and comforting those with dementia. Short of reminds one of Edward G.Robinson on his death bed in Soylent Green.

People who have had dogs remember everyone of them just like they do their human connections. Thinking about getting a dog, then consider a rescue dog.

A great rescue dog story:

It would be interesting to see Home Medical Stores/Medical Equipment Stores be more dog oriented—
nothing against robotic pets here. There are couple HME/DME establishments I have been to where dogs are present, nothing like the real thing.

Pretty hard to beat the welcome this store floor dog provides: