One of my personal philosophy’s main tenets is to always be willing to change.  In many ways you/we have no choice. This leads to a favorite positive addiction: exercise. The snowshoe photo is my actual existing pair of two pair I had (AKA Army snowshoes) which by serial number date back to the early 1940s and made by Snocraft, Inc. in Norway, ME.  As a young person most everything involved exercise which these snowshoes represent.

"Army Issue Snowshoes Circa 1940s"

I went into my 30s always being subject to a fair amount of exercise through various activities, a stint in the US Army and various types of employment. My weight stayed very consistent, close to my senior high school weight.  Then a new opportunity came available which I sought successfully. Over roughly the next ten year I gained 3 plus pounds per year.  It was an office environment and travel with customers at both ends, and food was always around the corner. After those ten years I left and went out on my own.

Today and for many, many years now I have been at my senior high school weight—192 pounds soaking wet. What happened?

Fortunately going on my own required some physical work daily—I was a part time shipping and receiving guy. Our office (this was a joint venture with my wife) was at home which was rare at the time. There was no formal business plan rather we had a “walking business plan” which meant at the end of the we took a good walk and discussed business. Then there were sales which in this case involved regional independent sales groups covering the entire country which I visited and recruited on by one. However, is this case it was our small company’s expense thus travel and meals were much more frugal.

“Some” of my activities and exercise today (and I realize many especially at my age cannot do many for a variety of reasons):

–walk a lot, always park on the far side of any parking area, walk fast, avoid elevators, take stairs two steps at a time, etc. Get a dog if you need an excuse to walk.

–clean the house, hand wash the cars, change the oil, rotate the tires, etc., etc.

–hand shovel the driveway snow. The lawn is mowed with a push mower (no engine).  The neighbors think I am nuts!

–bicycle when weather permits usually for an hour plus 12-15 miles (great for balance, exercising one’s lungs as you use your largest muscles—your legs, and is easy on the knee joints, etc.). For those who cannot use a standard bicycle there are some options.

–when at work I do not sit still long and get up often (there’s a little secret here I will note some day).

–lift moderate weights and will increase some going forward. Carry a hand exerciser in the car.

–try to always have a project on going—last year was finishing a basement from scratch.

In short, keep on “snow shoeing” as best you can going forward.

There is another element (or positive addiction) to this weight loss/control we will touch on next time.

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