Coronavirus Perspective

The Coronavirus apparently began in Wuhan, a city in Hubei, China. It became obvious and was noted openly by medical personnel in Wuhan, China in December 2019 but these initially medical warnings were suppressed by government officials. As the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) approached thousands upon thousands of Hubeiren (i.e., people of Hubei) began their holiday travels across China and around the world. Some taking the new coronavirus strain with them. Many foreigners in Hubei did the same. 

Certain areas that understand and are connected very closely to China—Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.—reacted quickly to minimize this coronavirus spread. These areas “may” have also benefitted from rising seasonal temperatures. In Wuhan the outbreak occurred during the cold months of the season. A coincidence or not? The most vulnerable people in Hubei, China were whom one would expect: the aged, those with compromised health conditions including smokers. No doubt there was confusion and misinformation during this time of the year with the coronavirus onset. 

As the coronavirus now spreads worldwide it is the Northern Hemisphere with its cold season and 85% plus of the world’s population that will take the biggest hit. European countries with some of the oldest populations in the world (e.g., the median age in Germany is about 10 years more than the US) are fully in the path. Iran’s coronavirus problem started in Qom, where clergymen would not isolate certain holy shrines, and the media did not promptly and properly inform the population.  One lesson here for the world is that all countries need to quickly and openly address such potential disease outbreaks.  

Understand that no one here is picking on the “people” anywhere.  With today’s national and worldwide communication systems the coronavirus, COVID-19 or whatever one wants to label it should have been on the world’s medical alert screens no later than December 2019.  However, many in high places have proven to be primarily interested their narrative, image and positions as opposed preventing a new worldwide virus. Thus, a new policy intended or not could be: One Belt, One Road, One Coronavirus.

People worldwide will hopefully pick up on and continue good anti-viral hygiene habits. The US (and perhaps other countries/regions) needs to control and manufacture its own pharmaceuticals and medical equipment at home. Some are going to make a killing in the stock market. In the end most will realize it is not the end of the world.

The chosen photo here is the largest Laozi statue in China, located at Mount Qingyuan, Quanzhou, Fujian, China. Laozi, well known to many, was chosen for his anti-authoritarian bent. One of Laozi’s thoughts was: “Be who you are and go the whole way.” Which is what Dr. Li Wenliang did in December 2019 when he tried to warn society about the coronavirus outbreak and was silenced by authorities. Dr. Li continued to help those infected and died in early February 2020 from the coronavirus.

Author:  Sheng RD