There is no shortage of information on this subject, just sort out what makes sense and works for you.
Some places to start, and there are many others everywhere, are:

–The Pegan Diet, Mark Hyman, MD
–The Blue Zones Challenge, Dan Buettner
–The Mayo Clinic Diet Book, Dr. Donald Hensrud

The generalized basic rules are straight forward: eat more fruits and vegetables along with less meat.
There are many qualifiers, everything from organic, fresh, less processed to more self-cooked/prepared
food. While there is a constant barrage of so-called diets, miracle pills and supplements, and even
injections to help lose weight, and improve health, many of them are non-starters fading away over

A slightly different way to see the big picture on this entire nutrition subject is to note what foods are
most recommended for: looking younger, fighting diabetes, minimizing cancers, improving brain health,
building/maintaining muscle, and caring for your heart. Surprise, surprise, they are very much the same.

The common theme here is that proper nutrition is the best medicine.

The above photo includes organic tomato, broccoli, and cucumber along with some wild salmon. What
you cannot really see is also important: a touch of turmeric, some extra virgin olive oil, a bit of garlic
and some real unrefined sea salt. Ate it all along with a glass of water, pretty good!

Next note on sleep and rest.