There are basically four roots of health and longevity which you may have control over: exercise, nutrition, sleep/rest, and peace/connections. This, of course, after one considers the influences of genetics, education, wealth, and location.

Exercise cannot be over emphasized. People who walk more and faster (e.g., Singapore and Hong Kong) tend to live longer. Swimming, running, and bicycling all seem to do the same.  The most bicycle friendly cities in the world are primarily in countries where people live longer.  All exercise is basically good and should be tailored to the individual. Studies tend to indicate that endurance activities promote longevity the most, followed by team and power sports.  It is noted that all such exercise activities have risks and benefits. Reasonable resistance training is great as one ages. Too much of anything can be negative for many: would you believe professional soccer players getting hip replacements in their 30s! There is nothing wrong with a slow walk in the park.

The photo above is a reminder of important things if you bike.  Always wear a helmet, carry water, get a hitch bike rack (attached is the best: 1Up-USA) so you safely get to safe trails, have pouch for essentials (i.e, fobs, keys, snack, phone and even a security chain/lock). The pictured bike, 16 years old, has had maintenance over the years and wore out two sets of tires in Wyoming alone!

Next a note on nutrition.