This is the same war as on all small businesses. The two-plus year Covid slow down has favored the large and specific companies. The favoritism was in the media, at all levels of government, at large retail companies, and a host of other organizations and businesses. Of small companies gone, many were ineligible for even a penny of government Covid relief.

When small businesses fold, the dollars they kept locally are often “sucked” out of that community forever. The large box stores and online retailers claim they will provide thousands upon thousands of good jobs. It is true, but they move into a location at a discount from the governments with reduced/delayed property taxes, favorable real estate deals, and the list goes on. However, in the vast majority of their locations more is taken than given. The profits do not stay local but are used to expand elsewhere, pay non-local executives, and for other non-local pursuits.

Why small durable and home medical equipment businesses are great:

  • They pay full local property and other taxes. They will not sue for “dark store” status.
  • They are knowledgeable, they “fit” you to an item and give meaningful use tips and training.
  • They can rent an item, repair it, and reuse (recycle) and locally deliver it.  Talk about being green!
  • Unlike online stores they get “few” returns because customers see and try the actual product.
  • Can provide knowledge to customers regarding where items came from and how to recycle them.
  • Buying local is less packaging waste, less product damage, and fewer stolen packages.
  • Many have great health and therapy related skills, and they know the entire support community.
  • They are easy to connect with, they often sell online, and if they do not have it, they will get it.

Supporting Small & Local DME/HME Businesses!