This green clover lawn is simple and it’s difficult to get truly greener.  Check out Yard Thyme: 12 Reasons to Plant a Clover Lawn… The huge white oak above is also very green. It has been sequestering carbon for decades while returning oxygen to the atmosphere. It is relatively easy to seed clover or plant a few trees.  Some simple things to become greener if you have not already:

  1. PFAS-free clothing or non-polyester.  Even if you purchase clothing with PFAS chemicals and never wear them you have contributed to PFAS pollution.  Additionally, those flashy bright FPAS colored clothes need a lot of water to be made. Water that is further PFAS polluted in the process.  Read the labels and purchase PFAS free organic clothes which is better for the environment and our health.
  • Drive smoother and slower saving electricity/gas/diesel and still get there on time while having less accidents, hitting less birds and animals, and reducing stress.  It is relatively easy to meet or exceed a vehicle manufacturer’s MPG rating. Many drivers do not. Check tire pressures, maintain the vehicle, take off slower, do not race to red lights, and staying within speed limits works well.
  • Local food is huge. Greener as it travels less and should be fresher. Usually there is no wasteful packaging. Hopefully organic, which generally means a higher nutrition content, no chemicals used, and some regenerated practices which are better for the land, the environment, and the consumer.  Keeping more dollars locally also helps to get greener.
  • Single use throw-away plastics is a crisis. A primary culprit is the plastic water bottle. Get a glass or stainless-steel container and simply fill it at home, your place of work, or elsewhere. Recycling is important but not having a single use plastic water bottle to recycle is much better!