Beyond exercise, diet and sleep, peace and connections seem very important for health and longevity.  Connections and peace are inseparable. Connections to education, wealth, health care, safety, cleaner air, quieter surroundings, family, and friends all play important roles in health and longevity.  Only about 25% +/-X% of one’s health and longevity is genetically connected.

Peace comes from a good foundation which starts with the bricks at the bottom of the wall.  Those bricks are your immediate family, your neighbors, friends, your community, and your region.  A recent 2023 article in the “U.S. News & World Report” noted the counties with longest living people in the US with locations like the Aleutian Islands, Mono, CA, Oliver, ND, Pitkin, CO, and Liberty City, MT. Many residents in these areas are educated and financially okay, many not. For sure their environments have cleaner air, are quieter, have more real nature to enjoy, probably require a little more physical activity, which translates into a simpler and less stressful existence.

It is interesting to note traits of many centenarians. Most are happy, hating no one, often gardeners, close to family and friends, and always having something to look forward to. They are resilient and have varying daily practices: many are religious, some never stop working, others volunteer and continually engage both body and mind. Their environments are also positive, with gardening being a primary example, having so many pluses.